company - OrganazotoOrganazoto Fertilizzanti SpA is glad and proud to present the new-look version of its catalogue, underlining the workto innovate its products, and more.
The company has focused both on adopting new production techniques, continually perfecting quality standards and making the necessary technological updates. As a result, we can now presentthe catalogue of our organic, organo-mineral and other categories of fertilizers.
In recent years we have made new investments to boost and make use of our company’s know-how and experience.

We are constantly engaged in identifying new high-quality organic matrices, while at the same time researching and experimenting other organic and/or synthetic sources of nitrogen to offer an ever more innovative range of fertilizers.
company - OrganazotoIn 2006 we were among the first to enrol on the fertilizer manufacturers register (number 134/06) and all our products are regularly included on the register of conventional fertilizers or products allowed in organic farming.
In 2008 we renewed our production lines to offer our customers the micro-pellet formula, which has since become a synonym for high quality organic and organo-mineral fertilizers.
In 2009 we completed the new production site exclusively devoted to hoof & horn grist treatment, processing, storage and bagging, and we obtained the recognition (ABP680UFERT3) required by EC Reg. 1069/09.
In 2010 we began the HOBBY project which aims to make a line of fertilizers for enthusiasts and non-professional gardeners.
Lastly, we finished the work to build a new production site that will enable further development ofall these initiatives and give additional impulse to our new projects.

Therefore, Organazoto Fertilizzanti SpA is confirmed as a leading company among organic-based fertilizer manufacturers and hoof & horn grist market leaders.
Organazoto Azienda We have perfected and optimized the checks on raw materials throughout the production chain, inaddition to improving the quality and traceability of the finished products.

Particular thanks must go to all those inside and outside the company who work every day with commitment and intelligence to promote the image of Organazoto Fertilizzanti SpA while helping us all to grow and increase the standing of our products.

To do so we have worked with research centres and highly specialized consultants, all in view of perfecting the production processes which are constantly monitored by the official institutions