CORNUNGHIA N 14 Organic fertilizers

Products allowed in organic farming Cornunghia N14
Organic nitrogen fertilizer with the highest concentration of natural slow release organic N (N14), obtained after the sterilization and crushing of keratin-rich bovine horns and hooves. It also contains significant quantities of phosphates, potassium, magnesium and organic sulphur


  • 14 % Nitrogen organic
  • 40 % Carbon organic of biological origin
  • 80 % Organic substance


Formulation: flakes

Law reference: National (Italy - D. Lgs. 75/2010)

Treatment type: Compost integration, Pre-sowing fertilization

Fertilizer type: Organic fertilizers - Organic nitrogenous fertilizers


Broom / Carnation / Fruit crops trees / Geranium / Nurseries / Paris daisy / Poinsettia / Rice / Rose / Ruscus aculeatus L. / Turfs / Vegetables / Azalea o Rhododendron